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Are you driving on an

awkward curve?

Your vehicle's exposure to potholes and curbs can hinder the alignment. Stop by Balch Alignment & Frame, Inc. for 2- or 4-wheel alignment service at an affordable rate.



Preserve the life of your tires.


If your car is out of alignment, the uneven ride will wear your tires a lot quicker. That's why it's important to have the alignment checked about once every year. Let our expert mechanics check on this for you, and spare the new tire expense!



We'll point your wheels in the right direction:


- Reduced wear and tear of tires

- Better gas mileage

- Increased road safety


- CV joints and boots

- Suspension shocks and struts

- Tire balancing

- Tire replacement

- Wheel alignment


For a FREE estimate, call us today at

804-526-8866 or visit 192 Lyons Avenue.

Two mechanic fixing the alignment of the wheel