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Get more mileage out

of your tires.

Durable tires can last you a long time if you treat them with proper, regular care. Let the experienced mechanics at Balch Alignment & Frame, Inc. service your tires.



Take good care of your tires.


If you've been driving with the same tires for a while, the wear and tear caused by the road and the elements make you a good candidate for new tires. At our shop, you'll get quality tires at reasonable rates.



Maintain accurate air pressure.


In addition to your car running better and your tires lasting longer, the right amount of air pressure can save you money on gas. Check the information on your tires for information on the correct air amount.



Enjoy a smoother ride:


- CV joints and boots

- Suspension shocks and struts

- Tire balancing

- Tire replacement

- Wheel alignment

For an estimate, call us today at

804-526-8866 or visit 192 Lyons Avenue.

Man repairing tire